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亲身经历:最有效的平价抗痘产品!NORMAL NOMORE

亲身经历:最有效的平价抗痘产品! 大公开:一套完整系列修复痘痘肌的敏感问题 经常熬夜,压力,青春期,经期种种原因让肌肤长满痘痘吗 小编也明白对抗痘痘的辛酸历程 *毕竟也经历过青春期嘛 有效也就算了 还给我花了一堆冤枉钱 >3< 不过!韩国爆红开架式痘痘保养品- Normal Nomore正式进军马来西亚了! 现已在SASA开售 Normal Nomore到底是什么来头呢? 听说在2018已经在大韩民国Lalalvla (Watsons前身) 全面上架 亲民的价格也让销售量节节上升   Normal Nomore 独家成分蓝色Cicazulen Cica 顾名思义就是熟悉的崩大碗 (Centella Asiatica)提取物 而 Azulen 则原产于摩洛哥的蓝艾菊 Cicazulen复合体还加了多种蓝色系香草成分,包括熏衣草,鼠尾草和迷迭草 有效镇定泛红敏感肌肤 同时强化肌肤屏障并降低敏感 福音阿 阿门 ~3~   让小编给你介绍这一系列啥用呗 1st Step – 柔肤水 (Toner) 含有大量黄春菊和甘蔗萃取物的弱酸性配方 调节过度分泌的皮脂,达到水油平衡 最重要是300ML 够大支 哈哈哈哈 2nd Step – 日常护理 精华液 (Serum) 内含细小的氧化分子,深层集中镇定肌肤 除了有效减少水分流失,还修护敏感的根源! 2nd Step – 特别护理 安瓶 (Ampoule) SOS安瓶,只需两三滴局部得涂抹在出状况的肌肤[…]


First HALAL certified Korean Beauty Product in Malaysia – Guerisson Bright Me Cream

According to the previous Guerisson Event – Meet Lee Kwang Soo in Malaysia backed in April 2017, as well as the appointment of first Malaysian Ambassador in Korean beauty brand on June 2018, Guerisson has entered Malaysian market in 3-years time, becoming one of Malaysian’s favourite skincare brand. Upon the first quarter of 2019, Guerisson is going to[…]

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Introduction of Guerisson Horse Oil Cream Trio

Claire’s Korea (Brand owner of Guerisson in Korea) and Yap International Trading Sdn. Bhd. (Sole Distribution of Guerisson’s Products in Malaysia) have officially introduced the new-formulated products to meet Malaysia consumer’s needs – Guerisson Horse Oil Cream Trio. Guerisson Horse Oil Cream Trio is including Guerisson 9complex Cream, Guerisson Moisture Balancing Cream and Guerisson Red[…]

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Guerisson Ambassador Press Event

GUERISSON AMBASSADOR PRESS EVENT Great Reasons For Flawless Skin The well-known k-beauty brand, GUERISSON has appointed Malaysian famous actress, Nur Ruhainies Farehah Binti Zainul Ilyas, better known as Ruhainies as their brand ambassador in Malaysia. Ruhainies was officially endorsed by GUERISSON Malaysia sole distributor, YIT and brand owner Claire’s Korea after Korean actor, Lee Kwang[…]

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The first Malaysian Ambassador for Korean Skincare brand!

Guerisson Ambassador Press Event! The first Malaysian Ambassador for Korean Skincare brand! <BAHASA>     <华语> Upon the conclusion of Guerisson Event – Meet Lee KwangSoo in Malaysia last year backed in April, which organized by YIT (Malaysia Sole Distributor) and Claires Korea (Brand Owner), the co-operative partners – SaSa Malaysia. This year, YIT and Claires[…]


Guerisson Event – Meet Lee KwangSoo live in Malaysia

YAP INTERNATIONAL TRADING SDN. BHD (From Left to Right) General Manager of Claire’s Korea, Mr Lee Ho II, Director of Yap International Trading Sdn Bhd (YIT), Mr Ranson Yap, Director of Yap International Trading Sdn Bhd (YIT), Mr Billion Yap, Lee Kwang Soo, CEO – retail of Pavilion KL, Dato Joyce Yap, Marketing Director of[…]


Press Release – Meet Lee KwangSoo Live in Malaysia

One of the Top Korean Skincare Brand, GUERISSON, has appointed world renown Korean Celebrity – Lee KwangSoo, as their company’s brand model. Malaysian fans have the chance to meet him in person as GUERISSON is launching their new Skincare line- GUERISSON RED GINSENG SERIES, under YIT (Malaysia’s Sole Distributor for GUERISSON). This event will be[…]