Press Release – Meet & Greet with Hannah Delisha

Come And Meet Actress & Singer, Hannah Delisha Together With Guerisson Malaysia On September 8!

Guerisson’s Red Ginseng series is not just for mature skin, in fact, it’s great for millennials too because of it’s super hydrating and skin strengthening properties which are perfect for the fast-paced lifestyle we live in now.


The Guerisson Red Ginseng range is formulated with Red Ginseng RG3 Complex, a combination of a 6-year-old red ginseng extract and red ginseng liposomes which has a high level of RG3, a major component with saponine. This will effectively improve your skin’s firmness and reduce wrinkles on tired skin caused by ageing.

The addition of the red ginseng created a synergy effect that strengthens your skin’s barrier and protects it from environmental aggression, a double barrier protection to fight against signs of ageing and skin dehydration. Plus it’s just a simple skincare regime with just three products such as a Skin Essence, Eye Cream and Cream.


A perfect example of a millennial who’s a fan of Guerisson’s Red Ginseng series is popular young actress and singer, Hannah Delisha. At only the age of 20, she has already starred in more than 10 shows and has won the award for Most Popular Woman Personality at Pesta Perdana 2017.

The starlet of English and Malay descent hails from Singapore and she started off as a singer in a duo group called Delisha, which she then took on as her stage name (Fun Fact: Her real name is Hannah Adlina Blackburne Birchshe).

Guess what? Now you have a chance to meet Hannah in person as she’s coming to Malaysia on 8th September 2017!


Really, don’t you want to find out the secret to her flawless skin?

Now you can, by visiting Sasa, IOI City Mall Putrajaya on 8th September 2017 at 8pm-9pm or catch the Instagram Live on Hannah Delisha Instagram and 9Complex Malaysia Facebook if you’re unable to make it for Hannah Delisha’s special appearance then.

Want a photo-op or a selfie with Hannah?

All you have to do is purchase any Guerisson or Cloud9 products (except Guerisson 9Complex Hydrogel Gold Mask, 1 sheet worth RM19) between 31st August to 8th September 2017 at any Sasa outlets. Keep the receipt as your proof of purchase and head over to Sasa, IOI City Mall Putrajaya on 8th September at 6pm to register. There’s only 50 spots available so it’s first come, first served and the lucky 50 fans will receive a free gift from Guerisson too!

So what are you waiting for? Shop for the Guerisson’s Red Ginseng series at Sasa stores nationwide or Follow Guerisson Malaysia Facebook for the latest updates.

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